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We currently have openings for those interested in either working in our medical facilities or shorter-trips where you can share your skills in the communities we are helping.  Find out more!


We collaboratively develop international communities through a four-part, sequential, holistic, and sustainable process. Water is the beginning of making positive, lasting change to impoverished communities. After Water, Global Partners in Hope continues working to provide medical centers, sustainable energy and education & leadership training.


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Complete Weddings + Events has been in partnership with Global Partners in Hope for the last five years. This year, Complete Weddings + Events will partner with us again to help fund the construction of a hospital in Togo.

Their Focus:

  • neo-natal health
  • women’s health


water_circleimageCLEAN WATER is foundational to the development of a community. Without reliable and safe access to clean drinking water, families are stuck in survival mode, spending many hours each day fetching water and making it potable. Countless families lack the resources to decontaminate their drinking water, which is why our first step in developing a community is to work with our in-country partners to build water wells.


medical_circleimageOnce the fundamental problem of water is addressed, we work quickly with our in-country partners to build, equip, and staff a MEDICAL CENTER right next to the well. Each medical center focuses on the needs of the most vulnerable in the developing world: women and children.


energy_circleimageEquipping functional medical centers with SUSTAINABLE ENERGY systems is the next step in the development of a community. Gas generators are expensive and unreliable, so we’ve turned to sub-Saharan Africa’s most plentiful resource – the sun – to solve this problem. With the installation of a solar panel system, the centers have access to free, reliable energy to power their medical equipment.


education_circleimageThe final step in the development of a community is to ensure the residents are EDUCATED about the value and functionality of their new resources. This education is facilitated by our in-country partners, and is ongoing from the moment the our shovels hit the dirt. In communities where these basic, physical needs are already met, the focus of GPiH shifts to developing community leaders. Our LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT courses equip local leaders to lead effectively, ethically, and sustainably


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