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China vast population of over 1.3 Billion people and the historical influence on the continent of Asia is very impressive.  Developing communities of leaders that will influence the world is paramount if your going to have Global influence. Eight years ago, GPiH has been invited by Chinese leaders to develop leadership communities across the country.


GPiH Work in China

GPiH is currently working in or has been invited to work in the highlighted Chinese provinces:

China Placeholder

“Our partnership with GPiH, to establish community centers throughout China, is a strong relationship which will enhance the theme of harmony in China.”

Chinese U. N. Representative

GPiH will help facilitate a new model in China with the following emphases:

Harmony and Unity, which will serve the people of China through:

  • Leadership Development: Training in leadership and ethics.

  • Marriage and Family: Services to keep families together.

  • Cultural exchanges event to build bridges of hope between the U.S and China.

“I strongly endorse their (GPiH) efforts as I feel this will not only strengthen East-West relationships but will have a remarkable impact on the people of China, or any other country that they expand to.”

Dick Schultz, Former CEO US Olympic Committee, and frequent traveler to China