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Mali, Africa

Global Partners in Hope is working to make a meaningful and sustainable difference. In partnership with local NGO’s, we work with nine villages in the Bako region.

Within the villages we have:

  • A Clean Water Well: Reduce water-borne illness and the number of hours each person spends daily just to meet basic needs.
  • A Medical Center: Help is available from medical professionals for maternity care, preventative care, and treating illness and injury.
  • A Solar Energy System: Provides inexpensive and reliable power for the medical centers and solar power water pumps.

Where in Mali?

Where in Mali, West Africa are GPiH’s current health centers?

Daniel Thera, Director of CPAM, our primary in-country partner in Mali

“To win a soccer game, every team member needs to play well.  This is something that we have in our partnership with GPIH.  They are wonderful team players. During my trip to GPIH headquarters in 2015 and 2016, I could see the unity among the team and we deepen our friendship with GPIH.   The main purpose of GPIH to provide clean water, medical facilities, energy and education is something which has brought us great hope to our entire region of West Africa, where the needs are the greatest.”

  • Over 90,000 people now have access to medical care through the construction of strategically located centers in villages throughout the Bako region of Mali.

  • Each center has a maternity ward serving the needs of expectant mothers, new mothers, and their babies.

  • Each center has a dispensary to make life-saving medication available.

  • The centers are sustainably staffed and operated by our in-country partners.

  • Our in-country medical team, Dr. Brett MacLean and his wife Sheri, live in Mali with their four children and work to increase the capacity of these centers, their staff, and our in-country partners. Brett is a Pediatrician and Sheri is a Family Nurse Practitioner.

  • Here are some specific villages where we are working:

Hawa’s Story

Hawa is a mother of 5 living in the Bako region of Mali. Unlike most American mothers, Hawa doesn’t worry about carpooling, soccer practice or band concerts. Hawa has very different concerns.

Each day Hawa must walk miles for water for her children. Food is scarce, and when one of her children becomes sick, medical care is 80 miles away. Statistically, one of her five children will likely die before age 10. And with few job opportunities, Hawa has little chance to improve her situation.

That was before Global Partners in Hope built a medical center and water well in her village. Now, for the first time in her life, Hawa has hope. She will no longer have to walk a long distance each day just for drinking water, and when one of her children gets sick, medical help is nearby.

Mali helped by water access