Ambulances Arrive in Mali

Remember the ambulances that were shipped to Mali? We are excited to announce that they have arrived and are on their way to our Malian medical centers right now!


Thanks to our partner NGO, MATTER, we were able to acquire and send two ambulances to Mali, West Africa.

These ambulances will serve to aid the work of the nine functioning medical centers of the Bako region in the effort of providing the best medical care to local Malian people. The current option for transportation of patients is often a donkey cart or a small motorcycle (called a “moto”). These options can be dangerous for a critically ill patient and often aren’t fast enough to reach a health center in time. With the arrival of these new ambulances, patients will have a better option for getting to healthcare centers and transportation to specialty clinics will be possible. The ambulances will also provide the opportunity to begin life-saving medical procedures en route to the health center.

Thanks again to MATTER for making all of this possible!



If you wish to support GPiH’s medical work in Mali, West Africa, click here.

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