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We build bridges and form partnerships both in the U.S. and abroad that transform lives. With our partners, we have brought health centers to rural villages in Mali. Our partners have sponsored wells in Togo. Thousands of people in Asia have received leadership training and education, thanks to the bridges built between continents. Please consider joining us in reaching across the globe to impact lives for the better.


As a “Supporter of Hope” your company, employees, and customers will be able to make a difference worldwide through:

• Percentage-of-sales donations

• Redemption-based donations

• Raising money while promoting a product, service, or performance


For corporations wanting to make donations not tied into a specific promotion and not based on customers donating or as a percentage of sales, there are many ways to give.

Example of ways to give:

  • Sponsor a Clean-Water Well ($18,500)
  • Sponsor a Health Center ($250,000)
  • Sponsor a Sustainable Energy System ($18,500)
  • Global Partners in Hope Event Sponsor
  • Workplace giving and matching grants
  • Organize a fundraising event or drive
  • Make a corporate contribution


A “Champion of Hope” is a high-level, multi-year strategic partnership. We will develop a unique partnership plan to reflect the commitment and strategy.

Example of partnerships include:

  • Adopt a Village: Multi-year funding of a village including a clean water well, solar energy and a health center.
  • Leadership Training Partner: Multi-year partner in providing leadership training in Asia or Africa
  • Co-Sponsor a Leadership Training event/ conference in the United States

Changing the World

One Community at a Time

Email or call us today to find out more about how to get involved in our Corporate Partnership program. or 402-980-5060