We are excited to announce that Alan Berg is partnering with us on this year’s campaign.  Watch the video below to see what he has to say about it!

Complete Weddings & Events has been in partnership with Global Partners in Hope the last six years.

COMPLETE and our customers have raised the funds that built 5 clean water wells in remote areas of  Mali and Togo, West Africa.

Last year, we shifted our focus from building water wells to raising money for a medical center with help from other Wedding Professionals around the country. Our goal was to raise enough money to build the neo-natal, and women’s medical rooms. We accomplished this and hit our goal of $50k. Thank you!

This year, we are raising our goal to $75k. Global Partners in Hope is in the final stages of raising the entire $3.2 million needed for this medical center campaign. Complete plans to be a part of bringing this campaign across the finish line so the project can be completed!


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