Final Planning Phase: Togo

We are in the final planning phase for the construction of the Center for Excellence in Togo. The whole team gathered for meetings and collaborative revisions to design plans.

Representatives from various partnering organizations all gathered in Lomé, Togo to collaborate on the plans for the Center for Excellence. As shown in the above photo (from left to right: Ian Vickers, CEO of Global Partners in Hope; Dr. Julien N’kénon, medical consultant of Compassion; Mike Muelken, MATTER in Minneapolis; Kouami Koudawoo, Secretary for Compassion Togo; Céphas Adzomla, Civil Engineer & Contractor of Center for Excellence project; Steve Perry, Olmsted & Perry Engineering in Omaha; Koffi Esaw, President of Compassion Togo).

With the help and generosity of supporters like YOU, we are so blessed to get the project off and running. The week after the team left, the first few bricks were laid for the wall that will encompass the Center for Excellence. Keep up-to-date with the progress of funding for our Hope for Togo campaign on our website, and stay tuned for more exciting updates.

(See below for even more recent photos sent from our partners in Togo a couple of days ago.)

If you wish to support our Hope for Togo campaign and the construction of the Center for Excellence, click here.

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