World NGO Day!

February 27th is World NGO Day!

Today we are celebrating our partner NGOs throughout the United States, Togo, Mali and China. We are deeply thankful for the collaboration with our partners, Compassion in Togo and CPAM in Mali. We are also grateful for the many NGOs who have worked alongside GPiH to gather resources and materials to bring to the international communities in which we serve.

“The World NGO Day is an international day for all NGOs worldwide and the individuals behind them – to celebrate their work and share their positive impact on society with others. By collaborating, commemorating, and celebrating the efforts and achievements of NGOs from all sectors. The World NGO Day initiative is a symbol of bringing together the world’s NGOs to build a stronger future for all, by raising the awareness of the many organizations working for good around the globe.” –World NGO Day


If you have questions or want to know more about our partnerships in Africa and Asia, please visit our website or email us at

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